Ōuchi gari

What is Ōuchi gari?

Ōuchi gari (大内刈) is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by Kanō Jigorō. It is classified as a foot technique, Ashi-Waza.

In right Ouchi Gari, tori reaps uke’s left leg with his right leg from the inside while pulling uke down. In competition, the reaping action of the classical variation is sometimes replaced with a hooking or lifting motion, and the left hand can be used to lift or block uke’s other leg while reaping the other.


Traditional Ōuchi gari

Ouchi gari Drill

2008 Olympian Daniel McCormick Ouchi gari

Ouchi Gari to Tai Otoshi

Ouchi gari to Kata Guruma

Ouchi gari to Ko uchi gari

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