What is Yuko?

In Judo, the “Yuko” (Effective / Moderate advantage) refers to a point which is awarded in accordance with the Judgment of a technique. A Waza is judged in three ascending grades: “Yuko” (Effective / Moderate advantage), “Waza-ari“, “Ippon gachi” (Win by ippon). The contestant who is awarded an “Ippon gachi” or two “Waza-ari” wins the contest.

A “Yuko” is never converted to a “Waza-ari” or an “Ippon gachi,” regardless of how many are awarded to the contestant. Moreover, a single “Waza-ari” outweighs any number “Yuko.” However, if only “Yuko” have been awarded, the contestant with the most “Yuko” generally wins the contest.

In the case of a Nage waza (Throwing techniques), a “Yuko” is awarded when the Waza was deemed effective, but just short of a “Waza-ari”.

In the case of an Osae komi waza (Hold-down techniques), a “Yuko” is awarded when a contestant pins the opponent for 20 seconds or longer, but less than 25 seconds.

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