What is a Shido?

The “Shido” (Instruction / Light penalty) is called when a rules violation occurs during a Judo contest. A Shido is issued for minor violations such as excessive passivity, using a technique or maneuver that hinders the development of a Waza, using a technique or maneuver that poses a risk injury to the opponent. Violations are ranked in the following ascending order of severity: “Shido” (Instruction / Light penalty), “Chui” (Light penalty) , “Keikoku” (Warning), and “Hansoku-make” (Defeat by grave infringement or accumulated light penalties).

Generally speaking, a Shido is called if a contestant fails to engage the opponent in a grip and fails to attempt a Waza for approximately 20 seconds, and if a contestant adopts an excessively defensive posture for 6 seconds or longer.

Penalty is equal to a koka score.

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