Osae komi Waza

What is Osae komi Waza?

“Osae komi waza” (Hold-down techniques) is one of Katame-waza (grappling techniques) (Ne waza [Ground techniques]), and consists of covering the opponent with your body, etc., to prevent him from escaping.

Points are awarded in accordance with the hold-down time. A pin of 20 seconds or longer, but less than 25 seconds, results in a Yuko, a pin of 25 seconds or longer, but less than 30 seconds, results in a Waza-ari, with an Ippon gachi (Win by ippon) being awarded at 30 seconds.

However, a hold-down is deemed broken “Toketa (Hold-down broken)” if the pinned combatant manages to scissor the pinning combatant’s leg with both his legs, and the time count is stopped at that point. Points are not awarded for a hold-down outside the contest area.

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