Koshi Waza

What is Koshi Waza?

“Koshi-waza” (Hip techniques) are part of the “Nage waza” (Throwing techniques) category, and consist of throwing an opponent in a sudden motion, using one’s hip as the fulcrum.

After pulling an opponent onto one’s hip, the Koshi-waza (Hip techniques) may be performed with a leg sweep Waza, by a shoulder throw Waza performed while grasping and lifting one of the opponent’s sleeves, or by using the spring force in one’s legs to flip the opponent up and over one’s hip.

Kodokan Judo specifies 11 Koshi-waza (Hip techniques), with the representative ones being the O-goshi (Large hip throw), Harai-goshi (Hip sweep), Hane-goshi (Hip spring), Utsuri-goshi (Hip shift), and the Sode-tsurikomi-goshi (Sleeve lift-pull hip throw).

The key to a successful Koshi-waza is a skillful Kumi-te that brings the opponent snugly against one’s hip.

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