What is a Keikoku?

A “Keikoku” (Warning) is issued when a rule is violated during the course of a Judo contest. The Kodokan rules rank violations in the following ascending order of severity: “Shido” (Instruction / Light penalty), “Chui” (Light penalty), “Keikoku” (Warning), and “Hansoku-make” (Defeat by grave infringement or accumulated light penalties) .

There is no “Keikoku” (Warning), however, in the IJF rules. Under Kodokan rules, a “Keikoku” (Warning) is issued when a contestant grasps or picks up a joint other than the knee joint when applying a Kansetsu waza (Joint locks), or when he/she applies a technique or maneuver such as the Kawazu-gake (One-leg entanglement drop) Waza, etc., which could injure the opponent.

A contestant may also draw a “Keikoku” (Warning) for speech or behavior which is disrespectful to the opponent, for failing to follow the referee’s instruction, and speech or behavior which violates the spirit of Judo.

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