What is Hiki-te?

“Hiki-te” (Pulling hand) refers to the pulling hand that grasps the opponent. In a right natural posture with a right-hand grip, this hand is the left hand, and generally grips the opponent’s sleeve area. The right hand is the “Tsurite” (Lifting hand), and it generally grips the opponent’s lapel area. When executing a Waza, the Hiki-te may be used (with armpit closed) to pull the opponent forward or to the side to effectively destabilize him.

Inserting a hand into the opponent’s sleeve opening, touching the back of the opponent’s sleeve, or twisting the sleeve opening are prohibited actions which will draw penalties.

Grasping the hem of the uniform for 6 seconds or longer will also draw a penalty.

Hiki-te (Pulling hand)

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