What is Henka?

In Judo, a “Henka” (Change) refers to a combination of rapid maneuvers employed to setup the next Waza, and it makes full use of the Tai-sabaki (Body shifting / Body control) or the opponent’s destabilized condition.

For example, if Tori (Player executing technique) attempts a Tai-otoshi (Body drop), but Uke raises a leg to avoid it, and attempts to straddle Tori’s extended leg, Tori performs a “Henka (Change)” by immediately stepping in front of Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) leg and attempting another Tai-otoshi. Or, Tori may retract his leg and switch to an Uchi-mata (Inner-thigh reaping throw) attack. Other frequently used Henka include switching from a Kosoto-gari (Small outer reap) to a Tai-otoshi (Body drop), from a Tsurikomi-ashi (Foot lift-pull throw) to an Osoto-gari (Large outer reap), and from a Kosoto-gari to an Osoto-gari (Large outer reap), etc…

Henka (Change)

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