What is a Chui?

A “Chui” (Light penalty) is issued when a rules violation occurs during a Judo contest.

Penalties for rules violations are ranked in the following ascending order of severity: “Shido” (Instruction / Light penalty), “Chui” (Light penalty), “Keikoku” (warning), and “Hansoku-make” (Defeat by grave infringement or accumulated light penalties). A contestant who receives several “Chui” could draw a “Keikoku” or even a “Hansoku-make.”

A contestant may draw a “Chui” for intentionally moving outside the contest area during a Tachi-shobu (critical point in a standing Waza), by strangling a body area other than the neck, by pulling the opponent down into a Ne waza (Ground techniques), by bending the opponent’s fingers back, and pulling and releasing the opponent, etc. A severe violation may result in the opponent being awarded a “Yuko” point.

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