Ashi Waza

What is Ashi Waza?

Ashi waza (Foot / leg techniques) are part of the Nage waza (Throwing techniques) category, and consist of using one’s foot / leg for reaping, tripping, sweeping, supporting, entangling, etc. A contestant applies these Waza by adding his own force to the opponent’s motion in order to destabilize the opponent’s Center of gravity in the forward, backward, or lateral direction, and then using his foot / leg to attack the opponent’s leg and topple him.

The Ashi waza (Foot / leg techniques) include the Uchi-mata (Inner-thigh reaping throw), the Osoto-gari (Large outer reap), the Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi (Supporting foot lift-pull throw), the Ouchi-gari (Large inner reap), the Kouchi-gari (Small inner reap), and the De-ashi-barai (-harai) (Forward foot sweep), etc…

Ashi waza (Foot / leg techniques)

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